The 13 Best Digital Locks Singapore Brands

In a bustling city known for its technological edge and the comfort it brings, it’s no surprise that Singapore is also a hotbed for digital innovation in home security. With the rise of smart home technologies, the quintessential lock and key have undergone a digital makeover, promising convenience and enhanced safety. Investing in the best digital locks Singapore brands is a crucial move towards securing your home while keeping abreast with the digital trends that are fast becoming a part of the fabric of modern living.

1. Samsung Digital Locks

Starting off the list with a giant in tech, Samsung Digital Locks offer a range of smart lock systems that integrate seamlessly with other smart devices in your home. The company’s expansive product lineup caters to different needs and preferences, from keyless entry using biometric authentication to Bluetooth-enabled locks that you can control from your smartphone. Samsung’s reputation for quality technology ensures that their digital locks are durable and reliable.

2. Yale Digital Locks

Yale is a household name in the lock industry, and their digital locks are a testament to why they have earned such a reputation. The Yale digital lock range features keyless entry, alarm systems, and customizable access controls, on top of the usual digital lock benefits like instant locking and unlocking. Most impressively, their locks also offer voice enhancements for the visually impaired, making security inclusive and accessible to all.

3. Gateman Digital Locks

Gateman is a popular digital lock brand known for their aesthetic designs and high-tech features. Their lock systems, which include door locks, gate locks, and fingerprint recognition, are not only cutting-edge but also designed with consideration for modern Singaporean home décor. With Gateman, you can expect innovative features like intrusion alarm systems and robust access control that lets you monitor and control who enters your home, anytime, from anywhere.

4. Kaadas Digital Locks

A brand that prides itself on innovation and user convenience, Kaadas is a name to reckon with in the digital lock industry. Their products feature robust security technologies such as automatic locking and anti-peep password protection, along with a sleek and modern design aesthetic that suits contemporary home styling. Kaadas locks are easy to install and use, making them a popular choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their security seamlessly.

5. EPIC Digital Locks

EPIC is a brand that is increasingly making its mark in the digital lock market in Singapore. Their locks are not only stylish and feature-packed but also known for their high-quality build and durability. EPIC’s range includes biometric locks, touch screen models, and smartphone-integrated systems that offer all-around protection against unauthorized access. What sets EPIC apart is their after-sales service and valuable warranties that provide peace of mind for customers.

6. Hafele Digital Locks

Hafele digital locks are highly regarded in the industry for their quality build and advanced security technologies. The brand offers a variety of locks with customizations for doors, windows, and even safes, promising a comprehensive security setup for your home. Features such as multiple access codes and temporary access options make Hafele digital locks a sophisticated choice for homeowners looking for a foolproof digital security system.

7. Schlage Digital Locks

Schlage is known for its stringent testing and product standards, ensuring their digital locks offer nothing less than the best when it comes to security. Their locks are equipped with advanced encryption technology to safeguard your home against hacking and unauthorized access, a critical feature in the digital age. Schlage’s locks also integrate with smart home systems, offering added security perks such as live notifications on lock activity.

8. Loghome Digital Locks

Loghome offers a robust range of digital locks that are well-suited for Singapore’s residential needs. Their locks feature weather-resistant materials, a handy back-up key system, and a variety of access methods including keycards, PIN codes, and fingerprint recognition. Loghome locks prioritize ease of use and security without compromising on aesthetic appeal, making them a practical and popular choice among homeowners.

9. Philips Digital Locks

Philips is a name that invokes trust and quality, and this extends to their range of digital locks. Philips Digital Locks boast innovative features like random and dynamic security coding to deter intruders and built-in fire detection and alert systems to ensure the safety of your family round the clock. Their product range is extensive, catering to homeowners looking for a solution that goes beyond mere locking and unlocking.

10. Keywe Digital Locks

Keywe has carved its niche in the digital lock market with locks that are durable, feature-rich, and compatible with various smart technologies. Their digital locks offer the convenience of temporary PIN code generation, mobile app controls, and user-friendly interfaces that allow for easy management of access rights. In addition, Keywe places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency, making their locks a sensible choice for environmentally-conscious homeowners.

11. Loghome Digital Locks

Loghome offers a range of smart locks that are ideal for residents who want to improve home security without compromising on style. The locks come with a variety of access methods such as fingerprint recognition, RFID cards, and pin codes, giving homeowners flexibility in how they secure their homes. Some models even come with an automatic lock feature, which can be especially handy for those who are prone to forgetfulness.

12. Igloohome Digital Locks

Igloohome digital locks are perfect for smart homes and modern living. The brand prides itself on secure, keyless access that is easily controlled using an app. What sets Igloohome apart is its innovative ‘algoPIN™’ technology, which enables the creation of PIN codes that work only at specific times or only once, enhancing security. They also offer remote access possibilities, making them a convenient choice for busy homeowners.

13. Mul-T-Lock Digital Locks

Mul-T-Lock is known for its strong heritage in the security industry and its digital locks are no exception. Their products offer high-precision security features, with locks that resist break-ins through advanced design and technology. Mul-T-Lock’s digital range provides solutions for both residential and commercial properties and comes with the support of a professional network, ensuring that your investment in security is well-maintained.


Digital locks offer homeowners a modern and secure way to protect their living spaces. The brands listed above provide a diverse array of options, ranging from basic keyless entry systems to high-tech locks that can integrate with your entire home security ecosystem. When choosing a digital lock for your home from providers like Zansan, be sure to consider factors such as build quality, features, and after-sales support. With the right digital lock, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safely secured in a way that is both efficient and evolving with the times.

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